An Introduction to the Brazil Travel Course at Chapman University

Hi Students, Parents and Faculty,

Taken during Brazil Trip 2011
(Our MBA students & faculty during the 2011 Brazil Travel Course, posing for a group during a corporate visit to Petrobras)

Welcome!  This is a blog dedicated to Building Cross Cultural Competencies, an Interterm Travel Course to Brazil offered at the graduate (as BUS 686) and undergraduate (as BUS 486) level by the Argyros School of Business and Economics at Chapman University.  Students enrolled in the course will travel to Brazil and conduct corporate visits in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to IT, advertising, banking, media, manufacturing, and energy sectors and institutions.

Students will blog, post photos, videos, and reflections during their trip.  To kick off this blog, we will be following our MBA students as they embark on their trip to Brazil for the Winter Interterm of 2012.  They will be led by the Director of the Schmid Center for International Business, Dr. Noel Murray.

Have questions?  Check out the Schmid Center website, or contact us on Facebook!

Safe Travels,


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